Manila – A Flexible and Durable Rope

Named after the capital of the Philippines, Manila rope is a very flexible and durable rope used in a wide range of circumstances. Manila hemp has been used as a robe material for centuries. The material was a key tool for fishing with nets and ship lines made from the root.

Manila rope has some very unique characteristics. The texture allows for a strong grip with very little stretching. It’s an excellent rope for holding knots without slipping which makes it a great tool for all types of industries including construction, mining, roofing and even climbing. It performs well in both intense heat and under the strain of UV rays.

Typical uses of manila rope include:

  • Pulling & Tow rope
  • Tug of war
  • Obstacle courses
  • Décor applications
  • Fencing and railings
  • Stage rigging

Manila is commonly found in agricultural settings due it’s strength and natural material. The ropes light tan colour makes it look great in all conditions. It’s not uncommon to find manila rope used in household and landscape décor.

We offer both bulk reels and coils of 3-strand Manila rope in various sizes. This offers an excellent value for any line of work.

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