Nylon – Synthetic Fibre With Great Abrasion Resistance

Nylon rope has a lot of advantages over other types of rope materials. The synthetic fibre is extremely flexible and has great abrasion resistance. Unlike ropes made from natural materials, nylon ropes will not rot and can handle being exposed to fluids such as oil, gasoline and various chemicals.

There an endless amount colours that nylon rope can be found in and it performs great in all weather and under the stress of UV rays.

Typical uses of nylon rope include:

  • Marine applications
  • Anchor lines
  • Fenderlines and dock lines
  • Towing lines
  • Pulley winches
  • Safety applications
  • Tie-downs

The twisted design of nylon rope provides the elasticity needed it to easily absorb most shock loads and the rope’s resistance allows it to return to form. This is especially useful when a rope is needed to withstand intense outdoor weather conditions. It also makes the material a popular choice for forklifts and towing.

Nylon is a very pliable material and can easily be spliced together. The rope can be stored either wet or dry and it will not float.

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