Polyester Ropes – Great for Outdoors and Working Around Power

Braided polyester rope is a strong rope which is extremely abrasion resistant. The rope is very similar to nylon ropes and is nearly as strong.

The rope does not offer the same ability to absorb shock loads as nylon robe, but it is likely to conduct electricity. It’s not uncommon to find a large quantity of polyester robe in the back of a power worker’s truck. People working with heights will also lean towards polyester ropes due to its strength and dielectric properties.

Typical uses of Polyester rope include:

  • Outdoor general applications
  • Sturdy tie-downs
  • Control lines
  • Barrier rope

SuperPro Lite is 35% stronger and many times the abrasion resistance of conventional polypropylene products. The rope material is rot-proof and is not affected by acids, alkalis, oils, gas and most chemicals. Polyester rope knots very well and the material will float in liquids. It can be stored wet without any issue.

Many find that polyester rope is very affordable when compared to other rope options. The rope has a smaller diameter and offers excellent performance for many jobs.

If you’re looking for a polyester rope, we are your source with an excellent selection with great prices. We sell polyester rope in bags and hanks in a variety of lengths and colours.

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