Polypropylene Rope: Strong, Inexpensive and Light

Polypropylene rope is a strong inexpensive, light-robe made of a polymer structure. It’s known for it.s ability to float and is often associated with being a water skiing rope. Polypropylene is one of the most widely used ropes on the market due to its diverse range of uses.

Polypropylene ropes may not be the strongest on the market, but it’s lightweight and easy handling make it a perfect option for many jobs. In addition to being resistant to many chemicals the rope can be stored wet or dry, with little chance of rot or mildew.

Typical uses of Polypropylene rope include:

  • General purpose applications
  • Pulling line
  • Pool
  • Barrier rope
  • Fishing net lines
  • Ladder rope
  • Camping

The material is uncoloured when it’s first made and the pigment is added afterward, this allows for a wide range of colours. Polypropylene ropes are extremely heat resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 170°C. In addition to being great in water, polypropylene ropes do not conduct electricity.

We have a wide range of Polypropylene rope in stock in various colours and sizes. In addition to offering twisted, hollow braided and solid braid derby rope we also sell braided utility line and clothesline.

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