Agricultural twine

  • Cotton
    Natural fibre, typically white in color Eco friendly – biodegradable Soft fibre making it nice to handle with low stretch Holds knot well • Good UV resistance and performance in intense heat Susceptible to rot/mildew and chemical degradation Dry store only USES: butcher twine, Tying and bundling, mason lines, sash cords, blind cords, pet leads, […]
  • Jute
    Natural fibre, typically golden in color Dyed green for use in gardening Eco friendly – biodegradable Short shiny fibre does not have much strength Holds knot well • Mainly used as a tying twine Excellent for use in gardening, as forms excellent organic substance in soil after decay Dry store only USES: gardening twine, recycling, […]
  • Radiant Film Plastic Tying Twine
    The combination of high strength, reasonable cost, and excellent knot tying ability makes Radiant Twine versatile for use in many applications. Available in a wide range of sizes for both light and heavy duty tying jobs.