Commercial Fishing

  • Easy Haul Potwarp
    An economy sinking potwarp. Made with alternating black polypropylene and white polyester yarns within each of the three strands.
    Made from Multi-Filament Polypropylene, this rope is very strong, and light weight.  It floats, colour is Yellow with Orange tracers so is visible in water.  It has excellent abrasion resistance, is flexible and spliceable.
  • Potwarp Polypropylene
    Black Poly – 100% monofilament, extruded from virgin resins. Commercial fishing lay. Floating.
  • SuperPro Potwarp
    SuperPro® – Manufactured from high performance co-polymer fiber, produced at Orion using “Sima” extrusion technology. SuperPro® has high tenacity approaching nylon and abrasion resistance similar to polyester. Commercial fishing lay. Floating