• California Truck Rope
    A 100% monofilament polypropylene twisted rope. Filament for this rope is extruded at Orion from virgin poly resins. Good UV resistance. Black with one orange tracer in each strand.
    Synthetic fibre, blend of polypropylene and polyethylene SuperPro LiteTM 35% stronger and many times the abrasion resistance of conventional polypropylene products Rot proof and not affected by acids, alkalis, oils, gas and most chemicals Good abrasion and UV ray resistance Low stretch characteristics comparable to polyester Holds knot well • Will float Wet/Dry store • […]
  • Conduit Tape
    Manufactured from bonded parallel polyester fibers. This product is produced for use as a measuring tape and light weight pull cord. Each reel is printed in 1 foot increments for accurate measuring of conduit runs.
  • Cotton
    Natural fibre, typically white in color Eco friendly – biodegradable Soft fibre making it nice to handle with low stretch Holds knot well • Good UV resistance and performance in intense heat Susceptible to rot/mildew and chemical degradation Dry store only USES: butcher twine, Tying and bundling, mason lines, sash cords, blind cords, pet leads, […]
  • Cotton 3 Strand Twist
    Twisted cotton/sythetic blended rope offering easy handling. Soft and holds knots well. A good general purpose rope.
  • Cotton Sash Cord
    Sash cord is manufactured from a cotton/synthetic blend of fibers. Stays round under load.
  • Double Braid Nylon
    Double braid rope is manufactured with a tightly formed jacket, braided over a loosely formed semi-parallel core. High strength is attained through the straighter filament alignment in the core of the rope. The braided cover protects the core with an abrasion resistant barrier. Nylon double braid has the highest strength to elongation ratio of any […]
  • Durastat
    Polyester double braid has slightly higher strength as compared to nylon, but there the similarity ends. Opposite to nylon, polyester has the lowest stretch of any conventional synthetic fiber. With low stretch, double braid polyester is ideal for controlled lifting and pulling applications such as use with winches, capstans, chives, block and tackle. Other benefits of double braid polyester include, limited creep, and high abrasion resistance.
  • Easy Haul Potwarp
    An economy sinking potwarp. Made with alternating black polypropylene and white polyester yarns within each of the three strands.
  • EsterPlex
    Produced from high tenacity polyester offering high strength and low stretch. This construction gives a very high mechanical efficiency. Can be easily spliced. Designed for T & D stringing lines and hand lines.
  • Industrial Nylon
    Orion produces high quality 100% nylon ropes for industrial use. All sizes above 5/16″ diameter utilize plied yarns manufactured in a four stage process. Orion uses specific grade raw material sourced from well known manufacturers. Nylon filament is steam heat set prior to twisting to reduce rope shrinkage in the field. Nylon has the highest stretch, strength, and shock absorbency of any synthetic rope.
  • Jute
    Natural fibre, typically golden in color Dyed green for use in gardening Eco friendly – biodegradable Short shiny fibre does not have much strength Holds knot well • Mainly used as a tying twine Excellent for use in gardening, as forms excellent organic substance in soil after decay Dry store only USES: gardening twine, recycling, […]
  • Knot Tite®
    KNOT TITE® 3-strand twisted film polypropylene rope is the perfect general purpose rope. As the name suggests, it holds a knot better than traditional monofilament polypropylene, and has all of the advantages of polypropylene, good acid and chemical resistance, rot resistant, low stretch, and low water absorption. Standard colors are yellow and tan. Other colors […]
  • Leaving Line
    Economical polypropylene rope made from variegated yarns used as a disposable & economical tie-up line. Not to be used in critical applications
  • Lockman®
    Lockman® – Designed for lighter locking, Lockman® is manufactured with composite spun polyester over a strand core of monofilament polypropylene. The lay of the rope is medium-soft to optimize tensile strength. The fuzzy softness of polyester cover yarns serves to diffuse heat buildup and offers excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Lubelock®
    Lubelock® – Designed for medium and heavy locking, Each strand has a composite spun polyester cover over a lubricated core of high tenacity SuperPro® co-polymer. As tension is applied to the rope the lubrication migrates to the strand surface, decreasing fiber on fiber friction resulting in less heat buildup. Lubelock® is engineered to have balance, […]
  • Manila
    Manila – A natural fiber rope with less strength than synthetic of equal diameter. Excellent rendering characteristics as needed in block and tackle work. Manila has very little stretch and will burn rather than melt under high friction.
  • Manila
    Natural fibre, typically dark brown in color Strongest of all natural fibres Hard fibre with low stretch Eco friendly – biodegradable Holds knot well • Good UV ray resistance and performace in intense heat Susceptible to rot/mildew and chemical degradation Traditional material for good quality, maximum strength natural fibre ropes Aesthetically appealing rope commonly used […]
  • Masonry Twine
    Cabled construction, for strength.  4 colours available, white, yellow, orange and pink in 3 lengths.  250 feet, 500 feet and 1050 feet.  Good UV ray resistant, rot proof.
  • Nylon
    Synthetic fibre, white in color unless altered at time of formulation Very flexible with excellent abrasion resistance Rot proof and not affected by oil, gas and most chemicals Good UV ray resistance and performance in intense heat Nylon will last 4-5 tims longer than natural fibres Will not float • Wet/Dry store Excellent shock absorbing […]