• Nylon
    Synthetic fibre, white in color unless altered at time of formulation Very flexible with excellent abrasion resistance Rot proof and not affected by oil, gas and most chemicals Good UV ray resistance and performance in intense heat Nylon will last 4-5 tims longer than natural fibres Will not float • Wet/Dry store Excellent shock absorbing […]
  • Nylon Plus
    Nylon Plus® synthetic rope is manufactured domestically to Orion Ropeworks standards and designed for you to compete with import product.
    Nylon Starter Cord is made with 100% Nylon fibers.  It is strong, abrasion resistant and resists oils & acids.  Ideal for all gasoline engines.
  • Pad Mount Transfromer Slings
    Designed to lift a single phase transformer. Each leg is 48″ long and coated for increased abrasion resistance. This sling has an adjustable third leg for use in securing the transformer door in an upward position when open.
  • Pole Mount Transformer Slings
    Mfg. of single braid 100% high tenacity polyester, designed to enable one person to move a transformer. The slings have an eye each end, adjustable 24″ to 48″. The pick-up point is covered with a protective sleeve for increased abrasion resistance.
  • Poly-Lite
    100% monofilament polypropylene twisted rope.  Filament for this rope is from virgin poly resins.  Is engineered in an economy weight for non-critical industrial applications, it floats, rot proof, not affected by acids, alkalis, oils, cas and most chemicals.
  • Polyester
    Polyester – A high density multifilament rope incorporating high tenacity white filament in a four stage, plied yarn construction. Among conventional synthetic ropes, polyester has the lowest stretch, best abrasion resistance, and good dielectric properties. Standard color is white.
  • Polyester
    Synthetic fibre, naturally white in color Good abrasion and UV ray resistance Will not float • Wet/Dry store Rot proof and not affected by acids, alkalis, oils, gas and most chemicals Stretches very little with poor shock absorbing qualities Polyester ropes are suitable for most applications where high strength, durability and minimum stretch are required […]
  • Polyester Diamond Braid(Utility)
    Low stretch, high strength, soft to handle.  Abrasion resistant, white in color.  Good for tie downs, as it knots easily.
  • PolyPlex
    Constructed of high tenacity polyester wrapped polyolefin yarns. Produces a firm line with good strength to weight ratio. Does not rotate under load. Easily spliced, stays flexible, good handling properties and does not kink or hockle. Designed for use as T & D Stringing lines and hand lines.
  • PolyPlus®
    Poly Plus™ – With its distinctive two red tracers Poly Plus™ is the most well known combination rope on the market. A firm lay poly-dac with high tenacity polyester wrapped over a co-polymer core providing good abrasion resistance and strength.
  • Polypropylene
    Synthetic fibre, naturally translucent but produced in a variety of colors Poor abrasion and UV ray resistance and lacks stretch memory Knot-ToteTM product holds knots well versus conventional monofilament polypropylene Will float • Wet/Dry store Rot proof and not affected by acids, alkalis, oils, gas and most chemicals Will not conduct electricity Economical and wide […]
  • Potwarp Polypropylene
    Black Poly – 100% monofilament, extruded from virgin resins. Commercial fishing lay. Floating.
  • Powerline® Nylon Tow Ropes
    Orion’s nylon Tow Rope products are manufactured using our four-stage rope construction process in diameters up to three inches, and are available with a combination of hooks and hand-spliced eyes.
  • PowerPlex
    Produced from high tenacity polyester offering high strength and low stretch. This construction gives a very high mechanical efficiency. Can be easily spliced. Designed for T & D stringing lines and hand lines.
  • Premium Polypropylene
    Polypropylene is the lightest and most economical synthetic rope, with approximately twice the tensile strength of manila. Polypropylene rope will not rot or mildew, is resistant to most chemicals and acids, floats in salt and fresh water, and can be stored wet.
  • Prodac®
    ProDac® – A value composite rope with an abrasion resistant polyester cover over a polypropylene core.
  • Radiant Film Plastic Tying Twine
    The combination of high strength, reasonable cost, and excellent knot tying ability makes Radiant Twine versatile for use in many applications. Available in a wide range of sizes for both light and heavy duty tying jobs.
  • Sisal
    Natural biodegradable material. Holds knots well. Low strength, low stretch and susceptible to rot. Excellent for gardening, bundling and non critical applications
  • Sisal
    Natural fibre, typically white-beige in color Eco friendly – biodegradable Hard fibre with low stretch but with only 80% the strength of Manila Holds knot well Good UV resistance and performance in intense heat Susceptible to rot/mildew and chemical degradation Most economical of the natural Fibres, and makes a good choice as a general purpose […]
  • Slick-Tape
    Produced from Aramid fiber, this product is very lightweight with high strength and a high melting point. Designed for high temperature plenum duct applications. Most lengths offered with easy to read sequential footage markings for accurate measuring.