• Synthetic fibre, blend of polypropylene and polyethylene
  • SuperPro LiteTM 35% stronger and many times the abrasion resistance of conventional polypropylene products
  • Rot proof and not affected by acids, alkalis, oils, gas and most chemicals
  • Good abrasion and UV ray resistance
  • Low stretch characteristics comparable to polyester
  • Holds knot well • Will float
  • Wet/Dry store • Will not conduct electricity
  • Excellent value versus traditional utility polypropylene – use smaller diamater while maintaining tensile and gaining improved performance features
  • USES: Outdoor general applications, sturdy tie-downs, control lines, barrier rope


Product No.DescriptionPackage TypeUPC CodeShipping WeightMaster PackInner Pack
520120-00050-GGG3/8" x 50' Twisted Co-Polymer Rope - Orange w/Blue TracerHank0-55131-62012-20.83101
520120-00100-GGG3/8" x 100' Twisted Co-Polymer Rope - Orange w/Blue TracerHank0-55131-62013-91.8151


520060-02125-GGG3/16" X 2125' 3 STRAND TWISTED CO-POLYMER3/16"4ORANGE1/2"2125467.7900LB12.251
520080-01310-GGG1/4" X 1310' 3 STRAND 3 STRAND CO-POLYMER1/4"6ORANGE3/4"1310399.31215LB12.251
520100-00975-GGG5/16" X 975' 3 STRAND TWISTED CO-POLYMER5/16"8ORANGE1"975297.2184712.251
520120-00630-GGG3/8" X 630' 3 STRAND TWISTED CO-POLYMER3/8"10ORANGE w/BLUE TRACER1 1/8"6301922625LB12.251
520160-00335-GGG1/2" X 335' 3 STRAND TWISTED CO-POLYMER1/2"12ORANGE w/BLUE TRACER1 1/2"3351024082LB12.251
520200-00200-GGG5/8" X 200' 3 STRAND TWISTED CO-POLYER5/8"16ORANGE w/BLUE TRACER2"200616156LB12.251
520240-00125-GGG3/4" X 125' 3 STRAND TWISTED CO-POLYER3/4"18ORANGE W/BLUE TRACER2 1/4"12538.18262LB12.251