• Natural fibre, typically white in color
  • Eco friendly – biodegradable
  • Soft fibre making it nice to handle with low stretch
  • Holds knot well • Good UV resistance and performance in intense heat
  • Susceptible to rot/mildew and chemical degradation
  • Dry store only
  • USES: butcher twine, Tying and bundling, mason lines, sash cords, blind cords, pet leads, crafts


Product No.DescriptionPackage TypeUPC CodeShipping WeightMaster PackInner Pack
1111-WA300' #15 Cotton Cable TwineTwine Tube0-73938-01111-00.29301
1136-WA200' #16 Medium Plied Cotton TwineTwine Tube0-73938-01136-30.2361
1137-WA370' #16 Medium Plied Cotton TwineTwine Tube0-73938-01137-00.31241
2230-WA300' #6 Fine Plied Cotton TwineTwine Tube0-73938-02230-70.12361
5054-WA300' #30 Plied Cotton Butcher CordTwine Tube0-73938-05054-60.5241
CC1805-WA400' # 18 Cotton Cable Mason TwineTwine Tube0-73938-01805-80.37201
1200891248' Cotton Butcher Twine 6R 8ply (1 lb tube)Twine Tube0-55131-12009-71.015010
135-WA3/16" x 50' Cotton Knit Braid - NaturalHank0-73938-00013-80.22361
14S-WA3/16" x 100' Cotton Knit Braid - NaturalHank0-73938-00014-50.4181
15S-WA7/32" x 50' Cotton Solid Braid Sash Cord - NaturalHank0-73938-00015-20.4201
19S-WA7/32" x 100' Cotton Solid Braid Sash Cord - NaturalHank0-73938-00019-00.8121
52S-WA1/4" x 100' Cotton Solid Braid Sash Cord - NaturalHank0-73938-00052-71.4121
53S-WA5/16" x 100' Cotton Solid Braid Sash Cord - NaturalHank0-73938-00053-42121
237-WA3/8" x 100' Cotton Solid Braid Sash Cord - NaturalHank0-73938-00237-83.2121
65P-WA1/8" x 30' Cotton Venetian Blind Cord - NaturalBag0-73938-90065-00.11361

Product No.DescriptionReel TypeReel SizeUPC CodeShipping WeightMaster PackInner Pack
120080-00550-0001/4" x 550' Cotton Solid Braid- NaturalFibre10x60-55131-60156-51011
1137-WA370' #16 Medium Plied Cotton TwineFibre10x107-71473-30121-42011
2230-WA300' #6 Fine Plied Cotton TwineBulk Reel10x107-71473-30128-32011
5054-WA300' #30 Plied Cotton Butcher CordFibre10x107-71473-30141-21411