• Natural fibre, typically golden in color
  • Dyed green for use in gardening
  • Eco friendly – biodegradable
  • Short shiny fibre does not have much strength
  • Holds knot well • Mainly used as a tying twine
  • Excellent for use in gardening, as forms excellent organic substance in soil after decay
  • Dry store only
  • USES: gardening twine, recycling, tying and bundling, wall hangings, décor applications

Product No.DescriptionPackage TypeUPC CodeShipping WeightMaster PackInner Pack
110253/16" x 50' Cotton Knit Braid - NaturalTwine Tube0-55131-71130-10.91486
11025G3/16" x 100' Cotton Knit Braid - NaturalTwine Tube0-55131-71290-20.91486
1006-WA7/32" x 50' Cotton Solid Braid Sash Cord - NaturalTwine Tube0-73938-01006-90.21366
1006G-WA7/32" x 100' Cotton Solid Braid Sash Cord - NaturalTwine Tube0-73938-91006-20.21366
110281/4" x 100' Cotton Solid Braid Sash Cord - NaturalBall0-55131-71131-85101