• Synthetic fibre, naturally translucent but produced in a variety of colors
  • Poor abrasion and UV ray resistance and lacks stretch memory
  • Knot-ToteTM product holds knots well versus conventional monofilament polypropylene
  • Will float • Wet/Dry store
  • Rot proof and not affected by acids, alkalis, oils, gas and most chemicals
  • Will not conduct electricity
  • Economical and wide capability material produces most popular all purpose rope for the average consumer
  • USES: Genera purpose applications, pulling line, pool barrier rope, fishing net lines, ladder rope, camping


Product No.DescriptionPackage TypeUPC CodeShipping WeightMaster PackInner Pack
18360500' Spiralbond Tying Twine - White/GreenTube0-55131-71360-20.44601
183651,000' Spiralbond Tying Twine - White/GreenTube0-55131-71346-60.79481
188187,000' Spiralbond SB180 Tying Twine - White/GreenCarton0-55131-71263-610.7511
188149,000' Spiralbond SB140 Tying Twine - White/GreenCarton0-55131-71262-99.5611
1004-WA160' Radiant Plastic Tying Twine - WhiteTube0-73938-01004-50.18361
193851,400' Radiant Plastic Tying Twine #1400 - WhiteTube0-55131-71213-10.91481
190907,000' (10 lb.) #700 Radiant Plastic Tying Twine - WhiteCarton0-55131-71022-99.1411
191809,000' (10 lb.) #900 Radiant Plastic Tying Twine - WhiteCarton0-55131-19180-69.7911
1921010,000' (10 lb.) #1000 Radiant Plastic Tying Twine - WhiteCarton0-55131-71082-39.2711
29P-WA5/32" x 50' MFP Braided Utility Line - Multi ColoursBag0-73938-90029-20.13246
75P-WA5/32" x 50' PVC Covered Wire Clothesline - GreenBag0-73938-90075-90.64121